Hi everybody!

Posted: April 18, 2012 by Sankar Vijayakumar in Scribbles
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Welcome to my typo3 blog. I’m Sankar, a Typo3 CMS Web Developer from India. India is not famous for Typo3, we’ve a few Typo3 developers and companies scattered here and there but no one knows where… Opportunities in typo3 are rare, less heard and hardly gets filled. But still we’ve got some of the Best brains in this cms.

Word or wordpress, notepad or wordpad,
whatever it is.. I believe, I write…
Waves of words will come again,
without spreading ink,
without any pain from pen.
Wanna be in your browser again,
without carried by search engines.
Wrists be moved to type my url,
worthful posts be added up –
waiting for you..
Well, I’ll keep this short and sweet but
wondering where to stop and finally
winding up with a full stop.

I’m not a man of words nor a tech wizard, but still I’d like to be a bit of both. Blogging was never in my mind until today afternoon. I was googling for a DAMn! issue and one of the keyword patterns that I entered in search box led to a blog created by my friend, who’s left Typo3 1 year back. It was one of his two posts posted there and that made me to think about a blog. The result is sankartypo3.wordpress.com

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