Lecture Hall-13

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Lecture Hall-13
LMCST Computer Science 2006-2010

We watch ourselves in mirrors before an outing but better look at our friends, they’ll give us a much more genuine comment. Let’s go back to the days we think we’ve lost…

Lecture Hall-13

Lecture Hall-13
LMCST CS 2006-10

          Lecture Hall- 13, the title may not be interesting but the place was/is interesting and more familiar than our home. The number 13 usually points to something bad or a haunted place. But now it’s no more unlucky. 60 students & 2 listeners have done/proved it. They made L.H.13 a heaven and it does have its own charms.

2 listeners?
Who are they??
The answer is simple.
The couple. -The 2 doves.
They captured our attention every time from mobiles, chatting, bingo, ppl…
Similar to us- we feared the exams & they feared the fans.
Like us they were also waiting for 4pm, the time to turn off the fans.

          We were there to act in the B.Tech movie. All of us got roles having equal importance. It had an award mood at first & changed to comedy later. Suspense twists after every 6months, revealed by Kerala University. Script works were done by heroes and heroines based on the threads given by the university. Each and every story has got its own depth, with modules of IDEAs…

          L.H.13 was full of entertainment, full of life. It has got 2 doors- one for formal use & the other for informal. No doubt, we loved the 2nd one. On exam days it’s one man against many questions & on birthdays it’s one against many hands (Not for sweets, but to punch).

          Line drawing procedures were also there, with a pointer at one end. Some of them got a pointer at the other end also, some got their pointers rubbed, n some lines still exists expecting a pointer to be drawn at the other end. Another category also exists, whose members are still waiting for a favourable climate to draw their lines. The members of that one are not at all optimistic!!

          Most of us considered the fests, arts day, sports day, college day, etc as half holidays with full days’ attendance. We are soon gonna realize the value of them, will those happen again??

          During school days, everyone in the class shared a smile when the name of a boy/girl/teacher appears in the text book. But what happens if the same happens in the attendance register? I mean an absent mark against the name. Then there’ll be a better smile on all faces, except the owner! Usually we call proxies for those who are absent, but in L.H.13 we did the reverse- by calling absent for those who are present.

          In L.H.13 we never heard anyone saying “I’ve finished that text.” But instead of that on exam days we always hear the dialogue-“I’ve gone through that Photostat.” For taking Photostat at first we’ve to give some valuable papers, then our roll number represents us in paper, the next day we’ll get the papers and on exam days we’ll take those papers. The number of Photostats will be counted and confirmed via sms/calls just hours before the exam. Then we realize that most of them are not clear and there comes the use of text books. The most important fact related to Photostats is that the essays mentioned in the question paper will probably reside at the last pages of the Photostat which may not be clear or missing or the ‘skipped’ ones!

Industrial Visit:
          We had 2 IVs. But most of us couldn’t take part in the 2nd one. Those who were part of the 2nd say that it was much better than the 1st one. The 2nd one consisted of free birds. So what about the 1st one? Was it an IV? There were 2 IVs included in the plan & also we all took part in both. But still was it an IV? Dear Friends, how many of you think so? Please raise your hands. Thank you. No one thinks so. October to 24th to November 3rd 2008, 10 days with no load shedding. I mean the days were really bright, pure gold. “Well begun is half done”- this proverb is not always correct. We didn’t have a good start but still it was really a great journey!

Exam days!
          Waking up hours earlier than usual time & studying without any hangovers. Praying to postpone exam & for easier essays. Entering college with lots of calculations to cover the topics. Straight to L.H.13. Discussing essays + jokes, melts the tension temporarily. Topics may behave very friendly 5min before the start of exam. Pages get covered in seconds, but still no satisfaction. At least 15min late to enter the exam hall. Searching for seat number & then the heavy question paper. Quick turnover of question paper to see the essays. Wasting time by watching others. Feeling jealous for those who buy additional sheets frequently. Half an hour to go: “Additional Sheeeet!”. Then downloading intellectual thoughts on answer sheet. Finally leaving the exam hall with a tired face and also some sort of relief. Checking others’ conditions. Discussing questions & blaming our own memories. Those days are called EXAM days.!

Results ?!
          Weeks/months before publishing the results, rumours get spread about the publishing date. Those who read newspapers regularly, declare the date correctly. On that day silence will cover the entire sky of L.H.13. Mobiles keep on searching the university site. Even though the net traffic will be at its best (or the worst), they won’t give up. Finally the silence cloud will break with a thunder & lightning n starts raining on us, an Acid Rain! Some of us will rush to the internet lab, some call their friends/relatives. But usually most of us get crowded around the mobiles with GPRS. After reading the results the crowd gets reduced 1 by 1. And finally the day ends by answering the messages & calls either pleasantly or unpleasantly.

          It is said that there exists only 5 jokes in this world & all others are their modified versions. But L.H.13 says it is false and it underlines the statement every day, every hour & every second. Simple one liners were converted to big stories by adding graphics to the source code. Blunders were converted to jokes and they give way to nick names. Will those names be called again after these days??

          It’s another joke. The writing procedure is a hierarchical one, can be called as an ASSIGNMENT TREE. The root node is the original copy written by someone to whom all the siblings are very thankful for. The content gets reduced as the tree grows, but without any loss of headings. But still the lecturers demand it from every one. Don’t know WHY?”
Sunday night dialogue: “da nee assignment ezhuthiya? Nale ravile enikku thanne tharanam. Booked!”.

Lab Hours:-
          There was a C/C++ lab in all semesters. What we did during the lab hours was very much similar to the assignment tree, except the fact that we don’t have to buy paper or draw figures or waste the precious ink. All of us get the output signed using the same program and not a change even in the variable names – absolute socialism. If there was any change, then the ones who were responsible for that are those who typed it first. How can a program get changed when it is copied from “shared documents”?
After lab hour: “aliya sign kittiya?” “illeda. thenju.. Avaru program explain cheyyan paranju!

Functions, Fights n Friendship..!!
Functions – The longer the distance, the greater the thrill.
Fights – Very serious & unstoppable at that time, waiting for compromise later, then? Best Friends again…
Friendships- Words are not enough to describe!

Sim cards!
          The mobile networks always dragged our attention towards them with new offers & they were fortunate to have a good INITIAL profit. I stressed it because every month a new offer will be declared better than the existing ones… (Also we were comfortable with the communication through missed calls & messages!!)

          The best thing about our L.H.13 is that it has got a round balcony very much near to it. It gives us a bit of fresh air after the suffocating class hours. It also gives an entire view of the college, even the distant beautiful snowy hills which haven’t yet posed for a photo.

          Seasons change, we also. 4 years went while taking a deep breath. Not sure whether the days were 24hrs. It was a hell at first, and then it became a heaven. Don’t know about the miracle that went through our minds. Victories & Loses came alternately. Some defeats tasted better than victories. Don’t know why we enjoyed them more… There will be a note on all medicines like “Best Before…”, but this one doesn’t have any, because this is the BEST FOREVER…..

Lourdes Matha College of Science and Technology
Lecture Hall-13
Lecture Hall 13
CS 2006-2010
CS 2006-10
LMCST CS 2006-10
LMCST CS 2006-2010
LMCST Computer Science 2006-2010
LMCST Computer Science 2006-10
Lourdes Matha College of Science & Technology Lourdes Hills, Kuttichal
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