Typo3 Blunders

Posted: August 7, 2012 by Sankar Vijayakumar in Typo3
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Typo3 Blunders

    A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. Experience tells us what to check for finding the cause of unknown error. Here is a list of a few blunders I did while working in Typo3 and a few that I guess others might have once gone through:-

  1. Trying to wrap an HTML type typoscript variable.

    lib.content = HTML
    lib.content.value= <h1>Typo3 India</h1>
    lib.content.wrap =


    – The HTML type is used for adding html content directly and so it doesn’t make any sense to wrap html content with some html tags. Also note that it’s impossible to wrap an html content as shown above (lib.content.wrap =


    – won’t work.).

  2. Creating a copy of the website in the same server but forgot to change database access details.
    – Changes made in the copy will get reflected in live site also.
    Updating an extension without checking the hacks made.
    – Nothing to say. “Do you have a backup of the changes that you’ve made last month?
  3. Disabling “disableNoCacheParameter” in install tools and debugging ajax call results.
    – If set, the no_cache request parameter will become ineffective.
  4. An backend user without admin privilege searching for publish button in workspace after proof-reading.
  5. Trying to bring contents in front end without adding static template “CSS styles content”. Or blaming extensions without adding static templates.
    – I did it once with 1year experience in Typo3.
  6. Need to debug the error by deleting/uninstalling an extension in required status!!
    – Don’t know what to say.
  7. The extension tt_news is still in beta version – don’t use it.
    – will surely miss one of the best and most flexible extension in typo3.
  8. Repeatedly clicking on delete button for deleting a page that contains subpages without activating recursive delete option.
  9. seems like a core bug. we’ll wait for next typo3 version.

      I’m very sorry that i can’t add all my blunders in this blog. But i’ll surely keep on updating this post 😆 .

With great blunders comes great Knowledge….!!!!!

Typo3 Blunders


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