Addicted to blogging…

Posted: October 3, 2012 by Sankar Vijayakumar in Blogging, Scribbles
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Addicted to blogging

Ever since I started my blog, I became very much fond and addicted to blogging. Every night I think about what to blog next. As I’ve already left Typo3, I’m focused on “scribbles” category. Posting something in Typo3 was easy compared to that of adding something to scribbles. In Typo3 section I knew the limit of what I was going to say, I knew how to wind up those posts, I was able to present the ideas that convey what’s required to justify the title of that post. Photography is my passion, so it’s my favourite section.

What is Blogging?

It’s an art of creating/sharing something by arranging a sequence of words in an interesting way to make others feel exactly how it resides in your thoughts.

Who is a Blogger?

Wikipedia says – Blogger is a person who writes a blog, or weblog. I love to describe it in another way: A Blogger is a gardener. His blog is a garden. He wants to make others happy, smile and think about the flowers in his garden. A fading flower makes him unhappy. We can see the effort he has taken in each flower. Once his plant gets blossomed, he wants it to face others.

stylish pose

Once plant gets blossomed, the gardener wants it to face others…

What makes a blogger happy?

Nothing encourages/motivates a blogger like comments and likes. Of course reblogs and shares makes him more happy.

What makes a blogger sad?

Bad comments and poor ratings.

How to deal with bad reviews?
  1. Check whether it is true or false. If true appreciate it, take it in the same spirit as for likes and better your post, keep it in your mind while writing the next ones.
  2. Post a new good one and inform the critic.
  3. Go through your best ones – get self motivated and write more.

In our day to day life we think about several subjects and we scribble about them at least in our minds. For me it’s very difficult to scribble it here in an interesting way and in a way that says what’s in my mind. This is my 25th post in this blog (I’m not a part of any other blog :)) and so I would like to copy-paste a portion of my 1st post:

Word or wordpress, notepad or wordpad,
whatever it is.. I believe, I write…
Waves of words will come again,
without spreading ink,
without any pain from pen.
Wanna be in your browser again,
without carried by search engines.
Wrists be moved to type my url,
worthful posts be added up –
waiting for you..
Well, I’ll keep this short and sweet but
wondering where to stop and finally
winding up with a full stop.

The more you blog, the more you’re addicted to blogging.

Addicted to blogging

  1. Alyssa says:

    I am not really fantastic with English but I get hold this very leisurely to understand.


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