Blogged or Blocked – 2 !!

Posted: October 24, 2012 by Sankar Vijayakumar in Blogging, Scribbles
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What to blog?

What to write?

Who all can write?

How to write?

When to write?

Where to write?

Hi Everybody,
I’m very glad to see you here. I don’t know what the time there is, here it is 6pm and I hope you’re fine.

For the FIRST time I’m writing a SECOND part of own blog post which is my THIRTY-first post and will probably get published on twenth-FOURTH of October that too on Wednesday – the FIFTH day of the week at SIX o’clock in the evening to be accurate it’ll be SEVEN minutes past 6pm. So I started this essay with the EIGHTH and NINTH (“H” and “I”) letters of alphabet which is going to be the TENTH post in “Scribbles” category :lol:.

Even though “to be continued…” was not added at the end of “Blogged or Blocked“, I still want to write a second version of it as I got something more to write, something more to share and of-course something new to blog. This was not pre-planned. Just want to add a little more to what i said earlier. Rubbing 2 stones can create spark, like that even a single casual dialogue of a friend can light fire to thoughts.

I know I’m not good at blogging but still I try to better my blogging by more blogging.

Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.
~ Stephen Kaggwa

The thirst for blogging grows with blogging. The following are a few notes on blogging which I got from my own experience:

What to write?

There exists millions of WordPress blogs. It is not always possible to come up with a new idea for blogging and also it’s not about the idea but about the way we present our thoughts. A little kid can ask us many questions that we don’t know and give us many thoughts to blog.

A little kid ask us several topics to blog!

A little kid ask/give us several topics to blog!

Who all can write?

A good observer, writer, one who can dream, people great experiences or who’s seen the world, a good reader, in fact anyone can write :). Most probably a part of ourselves will always get reflected in our writings when we try to express our thoughts.

How to write?

  • Write in your own natural way (don’t try to imitate others).
  • Add flavours (images, bullets, sayings, proverbs etc.), but make sure that the flavours don’t kill the topic or overshadow it.
  • Make your post short and sweet. A long essay with huge paragraphs often won’t attract readers.
  • Also there is no meaning in writing an essay without points.
  • Say something new or say something in newer way.
  • Freshness won’t attract readers unless it’s real.
  • Go through the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques and make your posts SEO friendly.
  • Proof reading is a must (But I hate to proofread my posts ;)).

I used to write in mobile. It takes a little more time than using a keyboard or pen but at the same time it will let my brain to think more.

When to write?

When we have something to share with others :).

Where to write?

Paper, notepad, mobile or in our own hand – anywhere. Don’t let our thoughts leave us.

Next topic: Most probably my next article on “Scribbles” category is going to be SEO friendly Blogging!

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