Think about the worst case before taking risk!

Posted: December 4, 2012 by Sankar Vijayakumar in Scribbles
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Think about the worst case before taking risk!

Are you about to take a risk, think 100 times before you act!
If you win or you’re right, then you’ll get lots of applause and appreciations. You’ll be pictured as a Hero.
If you lose or you fail, then you’ll be always remembered in the name of that bad decision. Even if you do many great things after that, the discussion starts like:”Yeah, it was really good, but long time ago he is the one who ….“. It’s human nature – majority belong to it. One negative can overshadow many positives!

Positive x Positive = Positive

Negative x Positive = Negative
Positive x Negative = Negative
-(1) x 1000 = -(1000)

See how 1 negative can fade 1000 positives :twisted:.

Negative x Negative = Positive.
Oops 😳!! Sometimes that happens, hope you’ve heard about the stories of Emperor Ashoka and Alexander.

Think about the worst case before taking risk!

Think about the worst case before taking risk!

Ashoka Maurya (304 BCE – 232 BCE) commonly known as Ashoka and also as Ashoka the Great – One of India’s greatest emperors, Ashoka reigned over most of present-day India after a number of military conquests. As the legend goes, one day after the war was over, Ashoka ventured out to roam the city and all he could see were burnt houses and scattered corpses. This sight made him sick and he cried the famous monologue:

“What have I done? If this is a victory, what’s a defeat then? Is this a victory or a defeat? Is this justice or injustice? Is it gallantry or a rout? Is it valor to kill innocent children and women? Do I do it to widen the empire and for prosperity or to destroy the other’s kingdom and splendor? One has lost her husband, someone else a father, someone a child, someone an unborn infant…. What’s this debris of the corpses? Are these marks of victory or defeat? Are these vultures, crows, eagles the messengers of death or evil?”

The brutality of the conquest led him to adopt Buddhism, and he used his position to propagate the relatively new religion to new heights.

Alexander the Great is known as the most powerful military leader and conqueror of the ancient world. Before he turned 30 years old he conquered an empire stretching over 3,000 miles from Greece to India. He was born in 356 BC in Macedonia, known today as northern Greece.

On his sickbed and during his last hour alive, Alexander the Great told his generals

“After my death, when you put my body in the casket, let my arms hang over the edges with my palms wide open, so the public can see my empty hands while I am leaving the world.”

After he died, many dignitaries came to view the royal funeral and were very surprised to see his arms hanging over the edge of the casket with his palms wide open. They asked questions about this unique scene. A wise man told them

“O People, Alexander the Great is telling us that when he ruled the world, great treasures of gold, silver and wealth came to be under his possession. Yet, indeed he is leaving the world empty handed.”

So a negative is always going to be a negative. The only solution to avoid such a situation is “Think about the worst case before taking risk!“. Think of all possible stages that you’re gonna face. Ask yourself questions and find answers to handle those scenes.

What if that happens ❓ … What if that goes wrong ❓ … What to do if that didn’t work ❓

Ask yourself questions repeatedly in such a way that finally you reach into a positive conclusion and make sure that the final one should not affect your future badly. Be prepared to meet the challenges. When the circumstance appears as a villain, you can show your experience in dealing with those situations. But still the fate has its own way of coming up with some huge surprises which can be positive or negative :). That’s life – No one can predict what’s waiting for us!!

  • Take the responsibility of what you are going to do.
  • Don’t ever try to judge yourself through others eyes.
  • Be alert, opportunities may sometime knock from some unknown angles.
  • Don’t let others DON you.
  • Don’t feel afraid to say “No”, but try to say “Yes” more.

Do you believe in horoscope? There’s something true in all these kinds of sciences provided if and only if its rules are followed correctly! God has written everything that you’re gonna do in your life (both right and wrong) and no one can change it…

Think about the worst, Plan for Best and Leave the rest! Be Optimistic!

Think about the worst case before taking risk!

  1. writingthebody says:

    You may be right, but I think life is so short that we may as well take risks. Even writing blogs has its risks, I know what I am saying is probably not very rational, but it feels right to me….so far. Thanks for the thought that went into this.


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