How a programmer blogs? / Programmer’s Blogging Style !!

Posted: December 9, 2012 by Sankar Vijayakumar in Blogging, Humour, Scribbles
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programmer’s blogging style

How a programmer blogs?

From my blog’s name itself you can understand that I’m a programmer (TYPO3 – is php CMS). The following some common mannerisms in my blogging style and a few that I guess other programmers might have in their blogging (not about the posts containing code, but about writings):

  • At the top he’ll tell us what all information he’s going to share just like declaring classes, functions and variables.
  • There will be lots of if-else ladders. If we’re gonna do this then this will happen, otherwise this!
  • Bullet lists or ordered lists like switch condition cases.
  • Links referencing previous blog links or what he has said earlier – function calls.
  • Chances of including others’ ideas is more – plagiarized or not plagiarized, as a programmer always have a tendency to google!
  • Some SEO tricks :).
  • Ofcourse, lots of mistakes will be there, since it’s yet to be tested!

So are you a programmer? What all are your blogging mannerisms??


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