Funny facts about facebook!

Posted: January 6, 2013 by Sankar Vijayakumar in Humour, Scribbles
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Funny facts about facebook
Here are some funny facts that I/we used to see in Facebook:-
  1. Why Facebook shows an option to unlike the very next moment I like something.
  2. Why in 10 days a boy’s photo gets 10 likes and a girl’s photo gets 100 likes in 1 minute?
  3. Why do we need an option to like sad/bad news?
  4. Why Facebook keep on suggesting unknown beautiful girls with 0 mutual friends again and again? (to check whether I’ll send any friend request?? )
  5. Why do I have an option to like my own post, since it’s always gonna be something I like to post or share?
  6. If nothing happens much in Facebook other than friends’ updates, then why people are 24/7 online?
  7. Why some people have 2 Facebook accounts – 1 good & clean and the other 1 bad & naughty!

Facebook addiction is spreading faster day by day. People have a tendency to share everything that they think and go through in Facebook. Before entering temple they update Facebook status with prayers (Here in Kerala most of my friends say “Swamiye Saramayyappa” in Facebook before going to Sabarimala 😛 .). When they get into a shopping mall simultaneously they check into that location in Facebook. Now a days even Birthday wishes are limited to the Facebook circle, but wishing someone directly or via phone is still special which has got an entirely different feeling (it makes us one among hundred to one among five 🙂 ). Facebook has become a place for boasting also for many of us and we’ve got a special skill to update our life in Twitter and Facebook simultaneously even if we don’t have time to call home.
Oh! I forgot to answer the 7 questions that I’ve asked. Let me me do it now:
  1. To revert the “like” if it was an accident.
  2. Happens only if the girl is good looking and that explains all.
  3. How do Facebook know that it is sad or bad?
  4. Just to make us Happy :lol:.
  5. We can show others that like option available to our post or to satisfy ourselves if we didn’t get any likes :oops:.
  6. Those guys don’t want to miss anything and it’s none of our business.
  7. We don’t want to spoil our good profile.

Have a nice day 🙂 !

  1. Azhar Ali says:

    The answer to 7 is that there is always an animal in human beings 😉 BTW, I have one, 🙂


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