Typo3 Backend Website Name

Posted: January 20, 2013 by Arun Chandran in Typo3
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TYPO3 developers know how to change the Backend website name shown on the top right of the TYPO3 backend login box.

Backend Login

But in the case of beginners it makes some difficulty. So we can go through some steps to change this . Before this we need to know the usage of TYPO3 “Install Tool”.

TYPO3 Install Tool?

The Install Tool is a TYPO3 module that is used to install a new TYPO3 system or to modify the basic settings of a running system.
It has many options like Basic Configuration, Database Analyser  Upgrade Wizard, Image Processing, All Configuration, Clean up, phpinfo(), Edit files in typo3conf/, and About.

Steps to change the backend website name :

  1.  Go to ADMIN TOOLS > Install > Basic Configuration.

Install Tool


  1.  In Basic Configuration, go to “Update Configuration/Update localconf.php” section. Here you can see a text box to change the site name.

New Site


  1.  Enter your website name here. Then click on “Update Configuration” button. Then your website name written to “localconf.php” file.

Update Configuration


Thats it !!!  Please logout and then recheck. You can find your website name in the backend login box.

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