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life at technopark

technopark triandrum

Technopark Trivandrum

Technopark Trivandrum

Technopark – The most colorful and trendy campus in the world. The 1st IT park in India, inaugurated on 31st July 1991 by the then Kerala Chief Minister, K. Karunakaran. At present it has over 280 companies and over 38000 employees.

An IT company in India is not complete without an office at Technopark. Many still believe that Technopark is one big company and job at Technopark is one of the biggest and best paid. But only the techies working there know the reality :P. It’s a 24/7 live place, live with well managed natural beauty and well exposed visual beauty :lol:.

An identity card or a visitor’s pass will let anyone see the green and clean Technopark. It has got almost everything needed for its employees. Expensive food courts with variety of dishes. Sports club, Gym and Cricket ground. Branches of Nationalized and International Banks, also ATMs of almost every bank. ETC!

The Iconic Water Tank, Technopark

The Iconic Water Tank, Technopark

Boys’ and Girls’ lifestyle changes in rapidly once he/she joins Technopark, but they contradicts.

Boys’ sleeping time table gets altered very badly. They may get long haired and set a saint look with a little bit of beard. The most common change is they get tummy bags developed and claim it as professional experience.

Girls’ change is a step by step process. 1st day they come to Technopark with their parents in a village girl’s appearance. Then it goes like this:
1st week – observation. Observes others’ appearances.
2nd week – tendency to change.
3rd week – experiments. Start to try new things.
4th week – gets upgraded to typical Technopark look.

We boys love this upgraded look. Also we automatically share such scenes with our gang :P. A minority too exists there that doesn’t change.

Furthermore Technopark has got an amazing power to change the way a person speaks. In South India when someone gets shocked or pained, they’ll say “Ayyo” and when something makes them happy or surprised, they say “haai“. But within one month at Technopark these sounds get changed to “ouch” and “wow” respectively :lol:.

Sunset from Cafe-Planet, Technopark

Sunset from Cafe-Planet, Technopark

Most of the B.Tech graduates dream job is a job at Technopark. Once they get experienced they’ll go in search of better companies / better job opportunities. Experience get valued and paid in IT industry than any other industry. Also an IT professional’s side-business is freelance work. Freelance works provide an additional income.

We had Arts day, sports, school day etc. in our school days, similarly the Tecknopark also has got freak out events like Tech-A-Break, Nadana, cricket tournament etc. to maintain an inspiring ambiance.

Finally introducing the master brain behind IT projects in Technopark , without whom, many techies would have said good bye to their IT profession by now – Google 💡 !!!

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    epic last sentence!!


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