Devgiri – Let’s begin!

Posted: April 28, 2013 by Sankar Vijayakumar in My Stories, Village Wizard
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A village wizard who solved the nature’s puzzles! – 01

Devgiri Village

Devgiri felt a refreshing zephyr. An old man who got patted by the wind, raised his hand to shade his eyes and looked at the sky – “Ohh! It’s still clean and no chance to rain for now!” With just 400mm of annual rainfall the village is not able to retain the greenery. The surrounding hills got stripped due to lack of water. Same as anywhere else here also man had played the villain role in making the nature against human life and resulting the village life miserable.

During 1940’s Devgiri enjoyed a very strong friendly relationship with the nature. The surrounding hillocks were home to flowers and fruit trees. On rainy seasons the village used to have a very good water table; wells get filled with the life saving liquid; lakes ran fast throughout its path to sea making the nearby lands fertile; not only humans the animals and birds also led a happy life at Devgiri. Clearly the conditions were quite supportive for agriculture. The farms used to get flourished with surplus grains and pulses. They were getting good returns for their investments on land. The heavenly conditions made the villagers healthy and wealthy. They started promoting body building and sports activities. Wrestling matches were conducted in most of the festival occasions and soon the village became famous for its wrestlers also.

When the demand for wood raised, forest contractors started indiscriminate felling of trees in the village – especially the ones that resided on hill ranges. Massive deforestation soon began to affect the ecosystem adversely. Rain water just swept away carrying the top fertile layers of soil. Whose gonna stop soil erosion other than trees? All these made rapid climate changes. Agriculture became unrewarding and water crisis made farmers to opt other jobs. Soon Devgiri became a drought-struck village.


Writer’s block 🙄 :
Beginning boring? I also felt the same. So ended up in just 3 paragraphs. Felt like reading in a science/history text. At first, I thought of something like a film unit coming to Devgiri for shooting and asked about its past. Later hearing the story of Devgiri, they changed the film story – so and so. But I may not be good at writing dialogues for such situations, so I rejected it.

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