Good Bye Devgiri…

Posted: May 26, 2013 by Sankar Vijayakumar in My Stories, Village Wizard
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A village wizard who solved the nature’s puzzles! – 03

Life - A long journey

Good Bye Devgiri…

It became more critical when the communal issues burst out. As like in every communal issue, the incident behind the riot was nowhere related to communal/Religious emotions. The incident happened like this: – “Due to deforestation, rainfall in the village decreased considerably. This aroused a big demand for water for irrigation and other purposes. Once there happened a quarrel between two families for the usage of water from a channel which is in the limit of the property of both the families. Unfortunately one family belongs to Hindu community and the other in Muslim community (which was the one and only Muslim family in that village). The peoples in the Muslim community from the neighboring villages came to support the Muslim family and tried to settle the issue with muscle power. The Hindu community took this as a slap towards their dignity”. This led to the burst of communal riot. Due to the lack of enough police security in the village, the riot resulted in many casualties. One thing was clear, it was not the religious emotions of the villagers that caused the riot, but the frustration of the people due to the previous issues caused the riot. And altogether Devgiri got stamped as a notorious village – Dev’il’giri.

People started to say good bye to the village leaving behind their assets at a cheaper rate. The educated people went in search of white collar jobs to the nearby cities. The schools and hospitals became almost non-functional as the employees left the village and moved to better areas. The uneducated villagers also started to leave and migrate elsewhere as daily wage labourers.

The wheel moved on and now it’s time for election!

 Spirit!!Back to present!!

Writer’s block 🙄 :

Some of you might have noticed that the last post wasn’t published by me. I wasn’t sure whether I can write the whole story, so I asked my friends for help. My friend Vijith promised to help me and kept his promise. We can expect more from him in the coming chapters. Next chapter on next Sunday…

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