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A village wizard who solved the nature’s puzzles! – 05

Options please!As said in the previous chapter it’s election time in India (1989-90). The State Government declared elections for Village Panchayats. So it’s time to introduce the hero of the story. He is Mr.Jeeth Lal, the only post graduate (M.Com. – Master of Commerce) in Devgiri. His parents wanted him to leave the village and seek a white collar job in the City. Such a job was very much within his reach for his qualifications. That is his first career option suggested by his parents.

One evening a drawn test cricket match between India and England inspired him. The way a 16 year old boy saved the game for India fascinated him. He thought of concentrating more on the game and to choose cricket as a career. He is a good player and his family also thought he had great talent and would play in the Ranji Trophy someday (while he dreamed of playing for India with that 16 year old boy). That’s his second career option suggested by him to himself.

When the whole world was sleeping unfortunately he also was sleeping, otherwise we could have boost him a little more. The horizon blushed and the beauty spot became visible. As he was an active member of sports and activities he has a huge friends circle with in the village also. This made him wake up early on that day, compared to his holiday sleeping time table.
“Oye Jeet! Are you still sleeping? Wake up yaar..”
“What’s the time now?”
“It’s already 9:30!”
“Only 9:30? Let me sleep a bit more!”
“The gramasabha is on and this will be the last meeting of the Sarpanch (Chief of Village Council)Rishi Desai. He’s resigning today.”
“Why should I come for Gramasabha? That doesn’t matter to me. I’ve never even seen a gramasabha after my school!”
“Just come man.. We have got some plans. At least respect the senior citizens!”
“I hope already the meeting has got crowded and there are more than enough people to respect him!”
“Come on man.. It’ll be interesting!”
“Oh! You sound like he’s gonna leave the village or die? Ok. I’ll be there, but I’m sure that we’ll not able to hear anything through those million year old speakers. Let me change my clothes!”
“Ok. I’ll wait!”


The story continues in the shade of that old banyan tree which stands at the centre of almost all villages in India. Seems like it’s the default meeting place of Indian Villages!

“Namasthe! I’m very happy to see you all today! This crowd is surprising for a man like me who cannot claim any milestone achievement or who failed to implement any kind of development strategies in this village. As you all know today is going to be my last day as the Sarpanch of this village! The final good thing that I did for you is what you’re hearing now! A new mike and a set of speakers… (a smile spread throughout crowd) Feeling really good at your smiling faces! I hope I’ll get replaced with a better person who can make some difference to your living. … The speakers may help him to convey his ideas and you may hear him clearly. By the way I heard that the panchayat hasn’t got any nomination for the new village chief. I know the reason. I’ve heard of tuition masters who teach only those students who have high marks in exams. If something is going good, then there’s nothing good at pretending that you’re making it going good. I know the conditions are not favourable, but if we all work together then it’s possible to bring back the green. The Devgiri need some fresh thoughts and young blood to lead her back to beauty. I know this crowd has got several natural leaders with in it. There are some genuine leaders who don’t know what they can do. I’m sure, situations can reveal the talents. I hope the village will go back to her glory. I’m leaving. Wish you all the success and a happy life. Jai hind!”


“Oh! It’s 12.15. I’m going home. Bye guys. Goodnight!”
“Bye Jeet!”

It’s dark all around. Jeeth felt really tired and was walking slowly to his home. With a little light from the houses on the way, he heard a sound and something moving at a distance. Soon he realized that it’s a man walking towards him. The stranger was dressed like a non-village person with a bag in his hand. Jeet stopped in front of a house which has got enough light to identify the stranger, pretending that he has got something sticked on to his foot wear. By the time the stranger reached near him, Jeet looked at him. He could hardly see his face as the hat of the man shadowed his face. The stranger seemed like someone familiar to him.

“Excuse me!” Jeet asked.
The stranger stopped and slowly turned around.

 Back to present!!Option No: 3!!

Writer’s block 🙄 :

Thought of making it interesting. So I added dialogues. I hope you all like it! The length of this chapter is still surprising me 😆 !!

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