Option No: 3!!

Posted: July 10, 2013 by Sankar Vijayakumar in Village Wizard
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A village wizard who solved the nature’s puzzles! – 06

The man turned around.

“Do you belong here?”
“I belonged here and no more! I’m leaving this village…”

“May I know who you are? Your face seems very familiar to me!”
“You saw me this morning. May be you can think of a face similar to mine with a beard!”.

“Rishi? Rishi Desai??”
“Sshh! Not so loud! Not so loud Mr.Jeet Lal!”

“How do you know my name?”. Surprised.
Smiles..“How do you know My Name?”

“You’re the Village Chief! I’ve seen you and heard of you!”
“The very same way, I know you. I’ve seen you and heard of you! You’re the only post graduate in the village!”

“Huh! Is that something special? okay.. may be! So why are you leaving this village? ”
“I don’t want to be here anymore!”

“So where are you going?”
“Look there.. What are you seeing?”

“Just the road and nothing else!”
“That’s it. I’m just gonna follow the path in front of me. When it splits, it leaves me with options to choose. When it ends, I just turn around and keep the journey live.”

Jeet rubbed his eyes as-if he just woke up one morning or trying to realize what’s happening around him:
“Are you mad? Atleast you should be here till the new chief gets elected! Do you have any idea about who is gonna replace you?”
“I want you to replace me!”

“Me? Are you joking? Why Me?”
“Actually I don’t know what lead me to choose your name. The way you plan things for the Devgiri sports committee, the way you organize things, the way you lead your team in cricket matches etc. shows the skills of a natural leader. Moreover you’ve got a commanding a power to realize your ideas and accomplish the goals. I’ve already talked this with your friends. All of them verified my decision and will be there to support you. If we didn’t meet now, your friends would have told you about this tomorrow.”

“What’s going on? I’m confused!”
(Smiles)“That’s fine. You should think about it. My role is over. I wasn’t good at what i was doing. I never went in search of solutions but always tried to control or suppress the problems. You’re young and educated. At this age – the brain is sharp, vision is clear and not afraid to dream the future as everything seems to be possible. Take your time and make the right decision.”

“You’re talking about something that wasn’t even in my dreams. That job requires some maturity and experience.”
“Has anyone ever got experienced while waiting for a job? Expect the worst; Do your Best And leave the rest! Just think about it. I hope you can bring back the green to this village. All the BEST. I’m leaving. Bye!”

That’s Option No:3 !

 Options please…Green Signal…

Writer’s block 🙄 :

Dialogues again. Not feeling very confident, but still trying my BEST!


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