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Posted: September 8, 2013 by Sankar Vijayakumar in Village Wizard
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A village wizard who solved the nature’s puzzles! – 09

New plans

New Plans!!!

Jeet began by asking the villagers to become proactive towards creating their paradigms for development. The first step was to treasure the water resources that were neither measured nor managed well. For that Employment Guarantee Scheme (EGS) was implemented.

In 1994, the gram sabha approached 12 agencies to implement watershed works under EGS. The village prepared its own five-year plan for 1995-2000 for ecological regeneration. The plan was the basis on which EGS was implemented. It ensured that all departments implementing projects in the village had an integrated plan. The District Social Forestry Department also helped Devgiri with EGS for building contour trenches across the village hillocks and planting trees on forestland; villagers were persuaded to stop grazing there. The village built around 40,000 contour trenches around the hills to conserve rainwater and recharge groundwater. Villagers took up plantation and forest regeneration activities. They avoided crops like sugarcane and bananas, which require a high use of water.

Devgiri was caught in a pincer of alcoholism leading to frequent brawls and violence. There were 22 liquor shops in the village. Jeet got them closed after convincing villagers that alcoholism had made them poor and addicted. He got the gram sabha to tie up with the Bank of Maharashtra to grant loans to poor families, including those who were brewing illicit liquor earlier.

By the way do you know how Jeet addressed caste and communal conflicts that often divide society into sparring aggressive groups? It was very simple: he relentlessly stressed that change could not be brought about without communal amity, and his efforts were so beautifully embodied when the village Hindu community built a mosque for the only Muslim family in the village for them to not have to pray in the open.

 Election!!!Green Comes Back!!!

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