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Funny facts about facebook
Here are some funny facts that I/we used to see in Facebook:-
  1. Why Facebook shows an option to unlike the very next moment I like something.
  2. Why in 10 days a boy’s photo gets 10 likes and a girl’s photo gets 100 likes in 1 minute?
  3. Why do we need an option to like sad/bad news?
  4. Why Facebook keep on suggesting unknown beautiful girls with 0 mutual friends again and again? (to check whether I’ll send any friend request?? )
  5. Why do I have an option to like my own post, since it’s always gonna be something I like to post or share?
  6. If nothing happens much in Facebook other than friends’ updates, then why people are 24/7 online?
  7. Why some people have 2 Facebook accounts – 1 good & clean and the other 1 bad & naughty!


programmer’s blogging style

How a programmer blogs?

From my blog’s name itself you can understand that I’m a programmer (TYPO3 – is php CMS). The following some common mannerisms in my blogging style and a few that I guess other programmers might have in their blogging (not about the posts containing code, but about writings):

  • At the top he’ll tell us what all information he’s going to share just like declaring classes, functions and variables.
  • There will be lots of if-else ladders. If we’re gonna do this then this will happen, otherwise this!
  • Bullet lists or ordered lists like switch condition cases.
  • Links referencing previous blog links or what he has said earlier – function calls.
  • Chances of including others’ ideas is more – plagiarized or not plagiarized, as a programmer always have a tendency to google!
  • (more…)

best comments in source code

Are you a good programmer?
Do you write comments in your source code?
If you don’t, then please write comments from today onwards…

Importance of comments in source code

  1. It’ll be easy for debuggers.
  2. Beginners can understand your logic.
  3. May help you for future modifications.
  4. Comments can tell a non-programmer the purpose of your code.


How to Become a Successful Blogger?

Posted: October 30, 2012 by Sankar Vijayakumar in Blogging, Humour, Scribbles
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how to Become a successful blogger?

Successful Blogger

To become a blogger (more…)