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get the old version of a typo3 extension

old version of typo3 extension

Most probably the extensions available in typo3 repository are compatible with the latest typo3 version. If they are put into older typo3 versions, then there might be a chance of getting error messages and warnings in Frontend and Backend. Here we need the version of extension that suits our typo3 version.
Another situation that demands old version is when we update a hacked extension. There are programmers who don’t have the habit of adding comments to their codes and that makes really tough to find out where hack is made. The extension manager can tell which all files are hacked via the “extension information” option but can’t tell us where the hacks are made in those files.

How to get the old version of a typo3 extension?

There are mainly 2 methods to get the old version:

  1. Go to typo3 extension repository. Search and find the needed extension. Right click on the download link and copy it. We can find the extension version in that link itself like:
    Change the version number to the required version:
    Then upload and replace the existing extension via extension manager.
  2. This can be done in a much easier way using extension manager. (more…)