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Here is an essay on TYPO3 India (Typo3 and India), probably the first non-technical one. India – the land of brilliant people. The way we think and do things makes us different from others. I’ve heard foreigners saying when they need a solution for some complex circuits or something that doesn’t have a one step solution – “leave it for the Indians, they’ve their own way to do these kinds of tasks“. There are around 196 countries in this world and it’s said that Indians have made their presence known in almost 192 (only 3 more left, not 4! ). We do have a few negatives also like – “You can do this only here in India, but not there!” (does this need to be explained? I don’t think so. For those who need explanation just “like” this article and follow this blog, so that a mail will be dropped in my inbox with your email id and I can send you the explanation :).)

Why is TYPO3 not popular in India?

Let me explain: Suppose you wanna go home. Your home is at a considerable distance from your company. One day your friend tells you that there’s a shortcut to your home, but the road is not so good. You need to reach home early. Will you try that way? … Hmm! That’s not a good example, let me try once more. You’re a civil engineer. One of your customers told you to draw a plan which should be finished very fast ie, tightly scheduled. He told you about the budget limit also. You’ve got some wonderful ideas that can be made live within the budget but may not be in the time given. Will you try something new or just go like in usual way?… Oh! Again it’s getting repelled. Sorry, I’m not good at telling stories. May be one more chance, 3rd attempt most often bring success for us, provided 1st and 2nd attempts should not succeed. This time no storytelling, just the reason from my point of view.

typo3 india

Typo3 India

Till the end of 20th century people who worked hard were appreciated and encouraged very much. But now things have changed, only hard work + luck pays off because the new system prefers smart workers than hard workers. We’re living in a world that keeps on changing. Our planet itself supports changes, it keeps on rotating and revolving but never let us down or impose any sudden changes by telling it’s gonna change, take your time to adapt yourself 🙂 !! In the IT field a new Technology is always considered as something that’s really tough. Typo3 is over 10 years old and it’s no more a baby. Once the scope and possibilities in this CMS is known to a Php developer then he won’t ever keep it away (shortcuts always attract :P). And that’s reason why Typo3 is not popular in India, no one knows much about this CMS.

Why the techies in India doesn’t prefer TYPO3?

Mainly due to lack of opportunities in India. You can easily build a website by working within the Typo3 Backend using the extensions available in typo3 repository and typoscript configuration. You rarely need to know what’s happening inside system and that keeps you away from the basic code of extensions and the cms. This kills the real programmer inside you and the main reason why senior programmers don’t try their luck on Typo3. In “I Hate Typo3” blogs and websites the most repeated comment added is “Typo3 is for those people who’re afraid of coding or php” and that’s true up to an extent. Once you’re in to Typo3, you’ll always go for the extensions in Typo3 repository and will not let the programmer inside work or think about a solution for the requirements.

What to do/not to do with the TYPO3 programmers? How to make the always Typo3 Team active?

  1. Don’t lock a fresher in Typo3. A fresher in Typo3 may become a typoscript expert but never a Tech Wizard.
  2. Keep on rolling the programmers in this CMS, so that there won’t be any shortage of Typo3 Techies and it adds to their coding knowledge/coding standards.
  3. Don’t ever let yourself get stuck in this cms because if your customers don’t have any challenging requirements for you, then you’ll never know that the programmer inside you is stepping down each day.
  4. The Php World inside Typo3 is amazing (I don’t think that even Kasper Skarhoj knows all the features inside this CMS), but the beauty of Typo3 Backend hides it from you.

What made me write this article/essay/none sense?

Just search “Typo3 India“, you’ll find some companies with Typo3 website development, Typo3 job opportunities, Freelancer’s blogs, Typo3 templates and even this blog within the first 5 pages of search results, but hardly anything about Typo3 and India. When I was put into this cms, the first thing that attracted me was the colours in Typo3 logo – it’s very similar to the colours in Our National Flag.

Typo3 – Inspiring people to share!

TYPO3 India

typo3 india

Typo3 India

TYPO3 developer India

TYPO3 development India

TYPO3 development in India

TYPO3 freelancer India

  1. fgassette says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.


  2. Eevn I have noticed that Indian is still a few actions behind in customized Development using Typo3, actually they think that using Typo3 will limit them and they won’t be able to learn more outside that.


    • Sankar says:

      I think now things have started to change. Typo3 features have attracted more companies in India. They have created new Teams for Typo3 and they are really doing well. Those who already had Typo3 teams are now focussing on other Typo3 products also.


  3. anu says:

    if given a choice between typo3 and wordpress..which one to choose as far as career is concerned?


  4. Bhavana says:

    Very nice explanation about Tyop3. It will really inspire to typo3 freelancer</ to develop the site in typo3.


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