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Posted: June 9, 2013 by Vijith in My Stories, Village Wizard
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A village wizard who solved the nature’s puzzles! – 04

Vote for ?It’s election time in India. As you know election is one of the undeclared festivals in India. Everybody will be eagerly waiting for their chance to express their views about the ruling party. Here most often the ruling party and opposition party get switched. Only if the leader is extremely good at his job, he can survive. Lots of hopes, tension, fights etc. will be there during this time. This time also the story is not different except in Devgiri…

In all other villages the reputed political parties and the leaders are doing their best to get candidature in the election. All are using their political influence and money power to become a candidate. But no political parties or individuals are interested in Devgiri. Devgiri hasn’t got any nomination for the election to select their village head yet and the one ruled the village for past 5 years hasn’t shown any interest to continue, neither villagers. Let’s start our story from this stage. Let’s go to Devgiri and see what is going to happen there. May be we can expect something special. Anyway fasten your belt, let’s move…

 Good Bye Devgiri…Options Please…

Writer’s block 🙄 :

I get your question in mind. 4 chapters for just an introduction of the story? But I think this type of introduction is needed for Devgiri so that everyone should get a clear picture of the village. I would like to call it as a visualization of Devgiri rather than an introduction. But don’t worry! You can expect more pleasant stuffs (including dialogues) on the way…

Next chapter on next sunday!!

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