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A village wizard who solved the nature’s puzzles! – 02

There is a saying – “If some incident happens wrong, then the incidents following that also will happen to be wrong…” Another popular one is – “Failure is the stepping stone to success! “. Oops 😳 – they contradicts !!!

Save Water.. Save Life !!

Save Water… Save Life!!

The eco-system got seriously degraded. Severe poverty made people lend their lands to money lenders for daily needs. The shortage water changed the color texture of the village. Wells got dried up and they need to dig 80-125 feet for water. 10-12 water tanks visited the village daily. There was hardly anything in favour of agriculture. It wasn’t over yet; fate has got more waiting for Devgiri!!

At the same time, alcohol and gambling stretched throughout the village. By the end of 1970′s majority of the villagers were alcoholics. Wrestlers were provided alcohol free – for wrestling matches. The youth also got deviated to wrong path. Parties and celebrations intensely smelled liquor. By the mean time more legal and illegal beverage stores/bars were opened there. The tax benefit for government made it easy to earn license for more beverages. Around 22 beverage stores were running in Devgiri at end of 80′s. Men used to spend a major part of their income in liquor shops and the families in the Devgiri were drown into indigence and debt.

The next thing that affected Devgiri was the spread of life taking diseases. Due to the lack of food, and cleanliness some dangerous diseases were happened to spread over the village. The only hospital in the village was in a pathetic situation. It couldn’t afford a patient who is having a disease other than the normal fever. And the main hospitals near to the village were in a distance, and it would take minimum 8 hours travel for the villagers to reach those hospitals. The time 8 hours doesn’t simply mean the distance but also unavailability of proper transportation facilities. So they had to depend on their available facility, so called as hospital, and some traditional treatments. Even animals got affected with new diseases. The villagers viewed the death of their cattles and pets in a bulk. The situations in Devgiri became very worse, that it almost converted the entire village as a place which is difficult for inhibition.

 Devgiri – Let’s begin!Good Bye Devgiri

Writer’s block 🙄 :
We got the title from a Malayalam movie. Here the name Spirit not only refers the alcoholism or drugs, but also the negative energies that are dominating Devgiri at that phase of time. Or in another angle it can be described as the changes that occur in the “Spirit (Soul)” of Devgiri. The wind will flow positively from 4th chapter on-wards :D.


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